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10001ACCT 202-001ACCT FOR NON BUS MAJORJames Holland4/20/20245/3/2024
25786ACCT 202-901ACCT FOR NON BUS MAJORJames Holland4/20/20245/3/2024
46874ACCT 203-001INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IPatrice Elliott4/20/20245/3/2024
41922ACCT 203-003INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
17916ACCT 203-004INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IDale Burgess4/20/20245/3/2024
38180ACCT 203-901INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING ILeonid Passov4/20/20245/3/2024
16727ACCT 203-902INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IAlex Kouzel4/20/20245/3/2024
42849ACCT 203-903INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IAlisa Brink4/20/20245/3/2024
40244ACCT 204-001INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIJames Holland4/20/20245/3/2024
20842ACCT 204-002INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIEric Kelly4/20/20245/3/2024
44594ACCT 204-006INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIKip Krumwiede4/20/20245/3/2024
20843ACCT 204-901INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IILeonid Passov4/20/20245/3/2024
37167ACCT 204-903INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING IIKip Krumwiede4/20/20245/3/2024
35846ACCT 291-001TOP:TAX PREP TRN&COMM OUTREACHRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
44553ACCT 291-002TOP:TAX PREP TRN&COMM OUTREACHRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
31733ACCT 291-003TOP:TAX PREP TRN&COMM OUTREACHRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
43498ACCT 301-001FED INCOME TAXATION FOR INDIVIWayne Edmunds4/20/20245/3/2024
46875ACCT 301-901FED INCOME TAXATION FOR INDIVIWayne Edmunds4/20/20245/3/2024
10017ACCT 303-001INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IThomas Hansen4/20/20245/3/2024
10018ACCT 303-002INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IYaxuan Li4/20/20245/3/2024
34664ACCT 304-001INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIDavid Cohen4/20/20245/3/2024
41639ACCT 304-002INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIThomas Hansen4/20/20245/3/2024
35120ACCT 305-902INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING IIIMyung Park4/20/20245/3/2024
44596ACCT 306-001COST ACCOUNTINGJean Zhang4/20/20245/3/2024
47156ACCT 306-002COST ACCOUNTINGJean Zhang4/20/20245/3/2024
28758ACCT 307-001ACCOUNTING SYSTEMSYaxuan Li4/20/20245/3/2024
38187ACCT 307-901ACCOUNTING SYSTEMSFengchun Tang4/20/20245/3/2024
40129ACCT 406-001AUDITINGDevon Jefferson4/20/20245/3/2024
40435ACCT 406-902AUDITINGDevon Jefferson4/20/20245/3/2024
39882ACCT 408-001DATA ANALYTICS FOR ACCOUNTANTSMi Zhou4/20/20245/3/2024
45703ACCT 408-902DATA ANALYTICS FOR ACCOUNTANTSMi Zhou4/20/20245/3/2024
44554ACCT 410-901ADVANCED TAX ACCOUNTINGWayne Edmunds4/20/20245/3/2024
10033ACCT 507-901FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTINGRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
47249ACCT 591-002TOP:TAX PREP TRN&COMM OUTREACHRoxanne Spindle4/20/20245/3/2024
20851ACCT 608-901MANAGERIAL ACCT CONCEPTSKip Krumwiede4/20/20245/3/2024
26602ACCT 610-901FORENSIC ACCOUNTINGChristopher Mills4/20/20245/3/2024
46876ACCT 662-901ADV TOP IN ACCOUNTING INFOSYSFengchun Tang4/20/20245/3/2024
33176ACCT 680-901TAX RESEARCH & PLANNINGMagdalena Tondera4/20/20245/3/2024
45406ACCT 697-001GUIDED STUDYAlisa Brink4/20/20245/3/2024
46885ACCT 791-001MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING SEMINARBernhard Reichert4/20/20245/3/2024
46886ACCT 792-001FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SEMINARMyung Park4/20/20245/3/2024
42836ADLT 303-C01FAC SKILLS FOR HUMAN & ORG DEVDavid Burke4/20/20245/3/2024
42834ADLT 304-C01DSGN ONLNE LEARN FOR ADT LEARNBri Jackson4/20/20245/3/2024
42834ADLT 304-C01DSGN ONLNE LEARN FOR ADT LEARNRobin Hurst4/20/20245/3/2024
47197ADLT 400-C01DEV INTRCLT CMP WKPL:DIV IN&EQKristen Brown4/20/20245/3/2024
47199ADLT 610-901CONSULT SKILL ADLT LEARN ENVIRRobin Hurst4/20/20245/3/2024
47201ADLT 612-901LEARNING IN GROUPS & TEAMSRobin Hurst4/20/20245/3/2024
47202ADLT 636-C51CAPSTONE SEMINAR IN ACTN LRNNGRobin Hurst4/20/20245/3/2024
47193ADLT 672-C01INST STRATEGIES TEACH HLTH PROJean Bailey4/20/20245/3/2024
44710ADMS 612-C51DIVERSITY IN HIGHER EDUCATIONJeffery Wilson4/20/20245/3/2024

Instructors, if you do not see your course(s) on this list, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • The course has less than 5 students
  • The course is not listed under a school on Monroe Park Campus
  • The course is listed as one of the following type: Fieldwork, Research, Practicum, Independent study, Master's thesis, Dissertation
  • You are not listed as the instructor for the course in eServices (Banner) or your percent responsibility is 0.
  • The course is for a special group and is not published in Schedule of Classes. In this case, the course will actually have an evaluation, but it's name will not be listed here